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Florida Avian Conservancy

I am working on a more complete website but I needed to give basic information on what we raise and what is available for sale.

Availability changes quickly

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We are the largest breeder in North America of Blue Crown and Victoria Crown pigeons as well as Green Naped Pheasant Pigeons and a leader in Nicobar and a variety of fruit eating pigeons and doves


We raise a wide variety of pheasants that include the Malay Great Argus, five different Peacock Pheasants, Fireback Pheasants, and a variety of others.


We have multiple pairs of many species of Turacos including Persa Persa Green, Livingstone’s, Lady Ross, Violaceous, White Crested, White Cheeked, Great Blue, Red Crested as well as Western Grey Plantan Eaters



We are among only a handful of facilities working with Ocellated Turkeys. They originate from Central America and without intervention the species will parish.


We raise most types of teal as well as some geese and Black Neck Swans. We are one of just a few private breeders successfully raising African Pygmy Geese as shown above


We have Green and Ceylon Jungle Fowl. These unique birds look much like todays chicken. They are the ancestors of the chickens existing today and they still exist in the wild. The wild populations are diminishing quickly.