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Florida Avian Conservancy

2013 Pheasants, Pigeons, Doves, Turacos, & Peafowl

All birds on this list are available now

*includes shipping and Box on United*

We will be shipping through the Summer with United Airlines ($125.00 per box), a swan box holds a fair amount of birds if you divide it. For larger orders it is cheaper and safer than USPS.

Grey Peacock Pheasants------------$300.00 p/pr

Grey Peacock Pheasant hens-------$175.00 ea.

*Malay Great Argus------—-—----$2.500.00 p/pr*

*Blue Crown Pigeons------–-–----$2,500.00 ea.*

*Victoria Crown Pigeons----–-–---$2,500.00 ea.*

Luzon Bleeding Heart Doves–-––----$200.00 ea.

Black Naped Fruit Dove-------—––--$325.00 ea.

Muticus Muticus Green Peacocks––--$300.00 ea.

Lady Ross Turaco  Males--–-–------$1,250.00

Lady Ross Turaco Females–—––---$1,750.00

Livingstone Turaco Male--—–––––-$1,500.00